Burdin Mediations is one of America’s preeminent mediation firms. Since our founding in 1993, we have conducted more than 28,000 mediations at our comfortably appointed offices in Uptown Dallas. We have a panel of 16 skilled mediators who possess over 200 years of aggregate experience mediating disputes primarily in Texas. We are fiercely dedicated to the integrity of the mediation process as a means to helping your clients achieve a fair, cost effective resolution to their disputes.

 We place paramount importance on customer service. Our professional staff will assist you with all of the administrative and logistical support in setting up the mediation. Our mediators are attentive to the needs of each case, whether studying pre-mediation submissions or relentlessly following up after the formal mediation session. Our success derives solely by everyday lending our most professional, personable, insightful, objective, creative selves to the task of facilitating settlement.

 We cannot guarantee a settlement in every instance. If a case proceeds to trial with all of its attendant time, energy, expense, uncertainty and stress, the parties can do so without any reservation that we have exhausted all other settlement options.